Privacy and this Website

The purpose of this website is to make old photos available to family members and to preserve these photo/stories in a digital world.

References to living individuals are minimal. I have intentionally obscured references to living individuals except Joanne and Harry who have given me “permission”. If you feel that a reference “hits too close to home” and want it removed, let me know. Likewise, if you would like to add photo/text pertaining to you or your family, it would definitely enhance this site.

This website is designated to be bypassed by search engines. That means that you should not find references to it on Google. However, this promise is not ironclad. If someone references this website from another that is searched, or if a rogue web crawler ignores the “no search” designation, then it is possible for information to show up on the web. Also, someone could take all the information on this website and post it on a website like

There is a complementary website that has the entire genealogy information tree. This site is also designed to shield living individuals, but it is public and you can find references to it on Google. It has been up for approximately 5 years. To date, there has been one complaint about information posted about a living individual. Ironically, I had just re-posted information available elsewhere on the web (go figure).

In summary, I will strive to find the right balance between respecting privacy and telling the stories of some very interesting families.