Pension File Excerpts from Soldiers in Col John Bailey’s Regiment, Capt Samuel Darby’s Company

Enough pensioner file exist for Col John Bailey and Samuel Darby’s Company so that other companies were not included. They universally mention “The Capture of Burgoyne” and Monmouth which likely includes both battles of Saratoga. The description of Ichabod Lord is valuable because he taking about his movement outside of these important events.Soldiers in Col … Read more

Excerpts from “Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors of the Revolutionary War”

Excerpts from “Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors of the Revolutionary War” Stephen Dudley (father-in-law to Peter) Only one Stephen Dudley who served as a guard for three months to protect Boston. The person is probably, not definitely, our Stephen Dudley. Boston was not under siege at the time, so it was likely an uneventful assignment “Dudley, … Read more

  PERSONAL REMINISCENCES OF RICHARD MARTIN VARNUM & HARRIET ANN PERKINS, WRITTEN IN 1908 BY THEMSELVES AT THE REQUEST OF AND FOR THEIR SON, GEORGE MARTIN VARNUM, IN DENVER COLORADO. The following pages contain all of my family history that I can recall at this date and perhaps more than will be found of much … Read more